Building The Future
of Insurance
At Sola, our mission is to expedite the recovery process for those impacted by natural disasters by utilizing data to provide payouts in a matter of days.
Our Story
Our story begins with the devastating Chattanooga tornado, where our founders became obsessed with how data could be used in insurance. After witnessing the large gaps in insurance coverage, they set out to create a company that helps people bounce back after natural disaster.

Through conversations with hundreds of home and business owners, our team gained valuable insights and formed amazing partnerships that helped us further our mission. We traveled the world to make this mission a reality and developed a product that resonated with people who needed it most.

Who knows what the future holds. We are constantly innovating and building new ways to help even more people. Through our journey, we've had the opportunity to meet amazing people and learn from their experiences, which fuels our passion to make a difference. We are excited about what the future holds, and we look forward to continuing to work towards a better insurance world.
“Our mission is helping people recover faster. We are building the first fully data driven claims process to protect people and businesses from the expanding risks of climate change. Sola is paving the way for a new era of insurance products that eliminates gaps and delays."
Wesley Pergament, CEO
Affordable Coverages
Policies at only $5.50 per month*
Bounce back faster with Sola.

*Only payable annually

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*On average, it takes three days for Sola to determine payout eligibility for a property after a tornado. This estimated time

does not account for the policyholder's response time.